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I used to know the answer to this question, but have since forgotten ..

What's the name of the company that made the journal in the Bridget Jones movies? I'd love to get one just like for the new year.

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Weight: 150.5lbs
Coffee: 2 mugs (I'm trying to be sensiple)
Alcohol Units: NON - But, I'll feel there will be some today
Mood: GREAT!

Yay! After a month of turmoil in personal and work life, I'm getting back on my diet.
I had maitained my current weight, but this morning I saw a loss again!
It feels so good! YAY!
I'm one more step closer to my ideal weight!

Other weight related thing!

I went shopping for jeans, and trust me even precious husband was scared of that trip cause he knows how mad I usually get.
But... :)
This time The first pair I tried on was GREAT! And TWO SIZES smaller that what I was wearing at that moment!
I was so happy I was actually smiling in a jean shop. What are the odds of that!  

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ecstatic ecstatic
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Bridget is Back!

Renee Zellweger is set to star in a third Bridget Jones film.

The actress has already expressed an interest in reprising the famous role and is prepared to once again pile on the pounds to play the hapless British TV reporter.

A source told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "The next film will leap forward 10 years. Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver are still on the scene and Bridget is about to give birth to Daniel's baby."

Working Title, the company who produced the first two films, have already bought the rights to author Helen Fielding's third novel.

The pressure is now on Fielding, who gave birth to her second child four months ago, to complete the book as soon as possible.

The source added: "Helen Fielding has started on the book. Obviously her own baby daughter has stalled production a little but now that Working Title has signed on the dotted line, she'll be trying to finish the book as quickly as possible."

Zellweger gained 25 pounds to play Bridget in the first two movies and perfected her English accent by using it on set even when she wasn't filming.


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curious curious
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Alcoholic units: 0 (put it's 8 am.)
Weight: Frightfull 150 lb

Got Layout done. Took long time.
I have taken up a gym, a french diet and walking diet, compining those I should lose bounds like flies. (Of course that means I have to stick with the diets.) (troublesome.)

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content content
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As your moderator now, I was thinking of changing the look of the community, little bit more subtle but with some pictures.
I'll start on that today in the evening. :) Hopefully you will all enjoy these changes.
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busy busy
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im sorry guys, this community is dead

anyone else wanna be mod?

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calories: 774 + breakfast
weight: oh, 500000000lbs

just eaten an entire bag of haribo starmix, without really noticing what i was doing until i looked at the calories! bugger. must get diary in style of BJ for next year! all diaries are so expensive at the moment, though!
anyway, nothing much to report, so im going to get dressed, tidy my room, clean the hallway and then have a bath and dye my hair.

hope do not end up with BJ-style hair disaster...
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apathetic apathetic
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Seether ft. Amy Lee - Broken
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cigs: 0
cals:20? (has some gummi bears...)
alcohol units: 0 (its only 2pm!)

ugh is almost christmas and must go home for a few days
took "sick" day off from work to do nothing (ie christmas shopping)
almost new year
maybe should start diary like bj!

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oh dear.

was so busy worrying about my softmint addiction that i didnt realise that was developing addiction to caffeine in the form of red bull. and chocolate (in any form except white)

must try to wean self off of caffeine as is very expensive habit when one doesnt drink tea or coffee.

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oh dear. think have developed an addiction... softmints.

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confused confused
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